The modern day men's swim short is now much more than just a swimwear product. Needed to be worn in a variety of different ways for different occasions, whether that be dressed up to a beach club or casual poolside. Beluga swim, established in 2020 and designed in London, was launched with the ethos of achieving exactly that. A luxury swim short that can be worn dressed up or down that has quality, durability, and a classic cut and style.
We feel that from years of personal experience there's always been something lacking in the market with men's swimwear, whether it be good fits, quality fabrics, or the prints and designs on the shorts themselves there just needs to be more. It has been a long journey of in depth sampling in many different countries to find the best suppliers and fabrics from around the world, and boy do we believe we have found them.
Our patience, research, and persistence has paid off and we can finally bring to you our first men's swim wear collection. Moving forward we aim to bring you the best quality shorts and designs all year round and as we expand into other areas our goal is to be one of the biggest men's luxury beachwear brands on the market.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!